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Safeguard your family,
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Safeguard your business, people & customers from blended threats


Safeguard your nation by building strategic & operational capability

Our Approach

Our success relies upon a client-first, personable and confidential approach. We offer a range of intelligently designed, competitive and needs-focused solutions that add value to your business by:

  • Winning & Enabling Business. Delivering industry certifications, applying best practice & growing an organisation-wide security culture are all business differentiators & a valuable competitive edge

  • Improved Customer Confidence. Providing reassurance to your clients that their information & assets are safe

  • Cost-Effective Risk Management. Better understand your threats, vulnerabilities & risks. Develop a pragmatic approach to preparedness. Prevent the loss of valuable IP

  • Regulatory Compliance. Implementing cost effective & proportionate security controls that prevent compliance failure

  • Reduced Breach Cost. Providing the basic tools & processes required to reduce the likelihood & impact of a physical or cyber breach

  • Optimisation. Combine advanced threat intelligence & knowledge of your business-critical activities to design security solutions that optimise your resources

  • Reduce Insurance Premiums. By demonstrating effective risk mitigation, we can improve your insurance coverage whilst negotiating premium reductions in your key man & asset insurance

About Our Team

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“Alpro commissioned a project management team from Toro Risk Solutions to provide a comprehensive physical, personnel & technical security review of our most critical UK site. Their consultants were highly professional, dynamic & engaged our team well to deliver an outstanding service. Toro’s findings provided a firm security foundation upon which Alpro will continue to review & improve. In our experience, we would highly recommend Toro’s services to others.”

Metin Fevzi, Director, Alpro